Students from Design Studio One and Two arranged an astonishing exhibition with their projects, on December 06, 2018.The event was conducted by the Faculties of Studio One Dr. Mohammod Masum Iqbal,  Dr. Abu Taib Mohammed Shahjahan, Fauzia Rahman , Chowdhury Farah Zaki, along with Studio Two instructors Tabassum Zarin Tithi, Tanvir Hasan , Nushrat E Huq. The occasion took place in multipurpose hall and Studio One. The whole journey of exhibition was more overwhelming by the presence of Honorable Vice Chancellor Carmen Z. Lamagna. 
The journey of the exhibition began with displaying projects from “Studio Two” in Multipurpose Hall.  At first, the students gave a small presentation on their moments in studio two and then the audience got introduced with the world of three dimensional forms in different theme. In studio two the students got introduced with three dimensional objects for the first time and implemented it with different abstract architectural concept. Hence, everyone enjoyed different volumetric projects such as  Bio-mimicry with light, composition with Different Platonic solid, three dimensional flow of lines and planes. Moreover, the audience got amused by seeing the installation projects such as planter box, sitting, shoe rack, those were influenced from different philosophy of famous architects. Material is another beauty to explore that is added in studio two, which were also appreciated by the visitors.
Later, in the exhibition “Elements of Studio I”, the maze of 6 feet height and 36 feet in length , made by the students  amazed everyone. The maze was made by using the knowledge they have gathered all throughout the first semester of the architecture program .The  panels of the maze were made of compositions using dots, lines, curves, and basic architectural elements and the complex ones too, notably the ‘Kite and Dart’ tiling. The maze gave a new dimension of viewing the exhibits and created a mind-altering experience to the viewers. The exhibition also displayed 250 exhibits by all 47 students with each student working on a different theme. The exhibit ‘Pixels’ was created with 75,000 small pieces of black and white paper to form images of famous artists, architects, scientists, singers and on the other hand ‘Collages’ remade paintings by famous painters Van Gogh, Pablo Picasso, Da Vinci, Claude Monet by up cycling magazine and newspapers into art.
At the end of the event, Honorable Vice Chancellor Carmen Z. Lamagna along with M Arefeen Ibrahim, Head, Department of Architecture delivered their appreciative speech. The joyful presence of faculties and students from the Department of Architecture made the event more successful and inspiring one. And the event was only possible because of the spontaneous hard work of students and respective teachers, along with the support provided by AIUB administration.

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