Expanding on their international collaborations for education, American International University – Bangladesh [AIUB] inked a Memorandum of Understanding [MoU] with the Yunnan Open University [YNOU], China. On 3rd November 2015, the delegation from Yunnan arrived at AIUB, to discuss the collaborative opportunities for research, student-faculty exchanges, and continuing education. The signing ceremony was endorsed by AIUB’s Vice Chancellor, Dr. Carmen Z. Lamagna, and YNOU’s Director of the Foreign Affairs Office, Wu Jiaping, in the presence of additional representatives from both universities. The agreement holds great promise for the institutions in developing not just their academics, but even enriching cultures and sharing diversity in the process. AIUB and YNOU both expressed their interest and eagerness in undertaking the partnership activities moving forward as soon as possible, realizing the potential possibilities of this strategic linkage.


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