A very interactive meet up session with the Computer Engineering (CoE) students was held at 5.00 PM on 9th November (Wednesday), 2016 in Room No. 266, Faculty of Engineering Building, American International University-Bangladesh (AIUB). The purpose of the meet up session was to discuss the importance and prospects of the Computer Engineering program in position of current local and global perspectives. A total of 110 students from Department of COE participated in this session.

At first, Dr. Md. Abdur Rahman Director & Professor, Faculty of Engineering, AIUB initiated the session by welcoming the students and encouraging them to talk about their queries about COE program. Then, Prof. Dr. A.B.M. Siddique Hossain Dean, Faculty of Engineering, AIUB took the stage and inspired the students to prepare themselves for the challenges ahead of them all over the world in both industries and academia. Later on, Mr. Md. Saniat Rahman Zishan, Senior Assistant Professor, Faculty of Engineering & Special Assistant (OSA), AIUB made students understand all the academic rules and regulations and he also showed how a CoE student can proceed prerequisite subjects and elective subject respective to particular major such as Electronics & IC Design, Communications and Biomedical Engineering. He elaborately demonstrated how COE (The Body & Soul) program incorporates both EEE(The Body) and CSE(The Soul) programs and opens the job opportunities in both engineering field by showing the students different job positions and responsibilities in both national and international companies. Then, Mr. Shahriyar Masud Rizvi Assistant Professor, Faculty of Engineering told the students that CoE is a unique platform for Hardware and Software Engineering. Then he talked about the resources of AIUB’s Embedded and VLSI laboratories such as Cadence and FPGA Boards & Accessories and how this knowledge will open doors to national and international industry jobs. After that, Dr. Md. Abdul Mannan Professor and Head Dept. of EEE & CoE, AIUB came on the stage and made students understood how industry equipment are being automated and controlled by software. Therefore, by this, he emphasized how CoE graduates will dominate the industry as they have knowledge of both hardware and software design and development knowledge, a complete engineering knowledge.

Finally, Dr. Md. Abdur Rahman Director & Professor, Faculty of Engineering, AIUB took the stage again talked about the past and present history of CoE department. He symbolized CoE as the top Cream considering Engineering as Cake. As CoE people knows better programing and hardware designing, he said industry people are recruiting CoE people more. He shared his educational and technical experiences with the students elaborately as he himself is a CoE Alumni. Then he answered all the questions and issues raised by the students and provided solutions accordingly. He emphasized that students from CoE should collaborate within themselves and others in different student organizations by participating in different competitions. At the end, he thanked all the students and faculty members to participate in such an interactive session and he also promised of these kind of sessions in future to make better engineering community.     


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