Meet the Advisors

The Department of Accounting and the Department of Finance jointly organized a session titled “Meet the Advisors” on 20th March, 2014 in the AIUB auditorium. The session was facilitated by Mr. Zakaria Masud, Dr. Md. Dulal Miah, Mr. Faridul Alam, and Mr. Kamrul Bari. The session was organized particularly for students who have already declared their major in Accounting and Finance. The objective of the session was to guide students exploring different avenues of finance and accounting as career. At the same time, the session focused on answering those questions which students frequently encounter with, like which courses to take, what the sequence of courses should be, what the prerequisites for a particular course are and what a certain course would entail.

Keeping these student concerns in mind, both departments jointly organized the event, which received overwhelming response from the student community. In front of a packed audience, Mr.Zakaria Masud and Dr. Md. Dulal Miah spoke about the prospects of studying accounting and finance and future opportunities this might lead, both at home and abroad. Thereafter, Mr. Faridul Alam talked about courses which would be helpful for students pursuing professional degrees in Accounting including CMA, CA, ACCA, CIMA etc. On the other hand, Mr. Kamrul Bari explained the logical sequence and choice of courses which would be helpful for finance concentrated students who are considering their career in the areas of finance including Conventional and Islamic Banks, Non-Bank Financial Institutions, also who are interested to pursue higher study in Finance as well as professional degrees like CFA. Then there was an open Q & A session where students asked questions about their individual concerns regarding various issues in Finance and Accounting.