Last Friday July 20, 2018, we were privileged to be the faculty representatives to grace the first day of Mastermind English Medium School’s Entrepreneur Conclave and attend to AIUB’s booth as a principal sponsor to the school’s event. We came before the opening ceremonies which was to commence only after the on-going student project presentations were done and judged according to their merits and relevance to the theme of the conclave. 

     In the interim before the program proper, we were treated to a warm welcome by the student organizers of the event and with utmost hospitality they see to it that our delegation along with our non-academic staff who were there ahead of us to prepare the AIUB booth were accommodated comfortably against the scorching mid-morning temperature.  We brought enough materials to meet the big crowd expected later in the day during the announcement of winners of the on-going presentations.

After we cooled our heels with  servings of ice cream  and pastries compliments of the event secretariat,  we were invited for a tour of the on-going panel defense validation  of the student groups’  entrepreneurial project proposals.  Our rounds with the various presentation turned out to be an inspiring experience for us educators as 

we witnessed the eloquence and flair of high school level students in presenting their ideas in flawless English worthy of professionals.  This is not to mention the viability of their project proposals that could have entailed long hours of research in preparation for this event.

If we are on the market for quality students ( and indeed we are ) , who have great potential  to be the  leaders and captains of industry of this country, these brilliant young minds should be at the top of the list of secondary level institutions where AIUB should  look for candidates to forge and mold for all their potential. 
And that chance to offer to them the portals of our educational capabilities came before the day ended when they offered us an AIUB hour the next day and along with the opportunity to present to them our academic programs and the careers tracks that go with the  faculty of their choice and spend the full duration of their university life in our sprawling beautiful Kuril campus ..

So, the day ended with a lot of promise and inspiration on both sides and it was a refreshing experience to know , meet and get a glimpse of the future of Bangladesh in the brilliant ideas of these young Bangladeshis.

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