Even a journey of a thousand miles begins with one single step. So, everything needs a starting. Someone has to begin so that others can join him or her. Thus a powerful force can be pooled. Here, AIUB marketing department begins with a wonderful slogan, “we never say we are the best, we say we are UNIQUE”. Carrying this slogan, the students of AIUB Marketing Department have moved for making a history and have shown that they are really unique. The day was 8th December 2010. The students of AIUB Marketing Department along with their department head Mr. Rashed Chowdhury and Director Mr. Ehsanul Huda Chowdhury celebrated MARKETING DAY 2010 for the first time ever in Bangladesh.

Marketing is not a thing, not even learning. It is a glow always shining. Marketing can not turn a man into superman but can make exceptional. That is what they are saying that they are not the best rather unique. Since last decade the continuous progress in the field of marketing has brought revolutionary changes in Bangladesh. This is not only because of the people working relentlessly behind the development but also the masterminds who developed the theories. Showing tribute is not sometimes well enough whilst people stands on the ground they have prepared. Therefore, AIUB Marketing Department wanted to bring all the marketed dynamites under one umbrella to make a combined committed force and therefore the celebration of this Marketing Day!

They made the day diversified by lot of activities. The day started by the announcement of Marketing day in front of AIUB campus 1. The crowd was incredible. It looked like a festival. Everyone was in a festive mood. After that they had a rally which proved that how committed they really are. Amazingly, the rally was leaded by the Pro-vice Chancellor Dr. Anawar Hossian .Vice-President (Academics), Dr. Tafazzal Hossain Director BBA, and MBA and of course the Head of the marketing department of AIUB. Then there was an exhibition on personal selling, poster, TVC etc. The most attractive part was the talk show which took place at the AIUB Auditorium.
There were some guests from corporate sector as well as some alumni of AIUB marketing department who are working in various companies of Bangladesh like Nokia, Airtel, Grameen Phone, Media Com, Team Creative, Citycell and Dhaka Regency. The talk show was based on marketing major and the various prospects of marketing in the field of business. Organizers were very proud to say that they had a wonderful session with corporate guests.
After the talk show they arranged fun debate, Funny drama and Cultural show. All these programs were indicated to the marketing field. The drama was based on a renowned Advertising. The ‘Marketing Day’ program was arranged by the head of Marketing Department, Mr. Rashed Choudhury and Director MBA Program, Ehsanul Huda Chowdhury. The executive organizer of this whole day program were the marketing major students Sabiha Afrin, Asif, Masha, Sadit, Romel, Rafe, Monjorul,  Mahsin.
Marketing Day got Media coverage from leading National TV channels like NTV, Channel i and also their media partners was Radio Foorti. AIUB Marketing department wanted to reward all the marketing people by celebrating this joyous occasion making it worth remembering and they have proved their uniqueness. They have got a huge response from various sectors which was beyond imagination. This successful day has made them more confident and now they are committed that they will try their level best to continue this success on the upcoming days.