Interview for scholarship/concession/waiver for Spring 2010 for BBA and MBA students

There will be an interview on Tuesday, 23 February 2010 at 12:30 PM in the BBA Director Office, Campus -1, AIUB. The following students are hereby requested to attend the interview (list of students attached). They are also requested to bring and submit the following documents/papers during the interview. If they can not submit the documents, their application will not be considered and they are requested not to attend the interview. Documents/papers to be submitted during interview:
  1. Transcript to prove CGPA and grades
  2. Documents supporting guardian’s income ( Income tax return, salary certificate or others)
  3. House owned or rented (for rented house deed of agreement or receipt of rent, for owned house, how many storied building etc.)
  4. Evidence in supporting the profession of guardian
  5. Other related documents
Dr. AKM Matiur Rahman
Associate Professor and Director (Undergraduate Program)
Faculty of Business Administration MBA LIST: Amin s.m. al Md alam al razib - 09-92942-2 Hossain md sarowar - 08-92520-3 Pranotosh nath - 09-93038-2 Md shafiqul alam khandokar - 09-93262-3 Khalid ahmed - 09-93367-3 Sarker md sahel - 09-92726-1 Ahsan sayma - 09-93186-2 Tamanna binte zaman - 07-08445-2 Shibly siddiquee - 08-92604-3 Yasmeen sarah - 09-92878-1

Lubna farzana aktar - 09-92812-1