AIUB Mobility program with University of Trento

Dear students,
AIUB mobility program with University of Trento is due to start soon. Note that this program is available for MSCS, MEEE and MTEL students only who have completed at least 4 courses and not more than 9 courses.
Deadlines for incoming students application are May 31 for semester I arrivals and October 31 for semester II arrivals, please be referred to the UniTN academic calendar and the Fact Sheet in the links below.
For further information, please contact Dr. Tabin Hasan, Head (Graduate Program), Department of Computer Science by 15 April 2014.
  1. UniTN Academic Calendar
  2. UniTN Fact Sheet
  3. UniTN courses offered in English
  4. Intended course request form
  5. UniTN Department of Information Engineering and Computer Science