Nov. 26-Dec. 1

Eid Break

Dec. 10

Submission/photocopying/arranging of Final term exam manuscripts, 2 sets (A/B) to concerned Faculty/Department

Dec. 12

Submission of original manuscripts to VC’s office

Dec. 12-17

Laboratory Final term exams (check permits, regular classes)

Dec. 16

Victory Day

Dec. 19-24

Final term exams

Dec. 25

Christmas Day

Dec. 31

Submission of grades (online).  Hard copies must be submitted to the concerned offices.

Dec. 27

Admission exams

Jan. 1, 2010

New Year’s day

Jan. 7-14

Confirmation of registration for Spring 2009-2010 semester

Jan. 17

Spring semester commences

Locking of Fall 2009-2010 semester grades.

Jan. 21

Cancellation of “Invalid” students

Feb. 17

Conversion of “UW”, “I” and blank Fall 2009-2010 semester grades to “F”