On January 20, 2018, IEEE AIUB Student Branch successfully organized IEEE Student Professional Awareness Venture (SPAVe) 2.0, at the permanent campus of the American International University – Bangladesh. IEEE USA Student Professional Awareness Activities (SPAA) are oriented to enhance the leadership, career, and professional development skills of engineering students. As a part of this endeavor for the second time in Bangladesh, IEEE AIUB Student Branch presented IEEE Student Professional Awareness Venture (SPAVe) to educate students on how to sustain a lifelong career in engineering. The IEEE USA branded venture was supported by IEEE USA, IEEE Asia-Pacific, IEEE Bangladesh Section, IEEE Young Professionals Bangladesh and IEEE BDS Student Activities Committee. The flagship event consisted of workshops, seminars and technical talks designed to build a student professionally.

The day was inaugurated with a welcome speech from Mr. Nasim Al Islam, Adviser, IEEE MTTS – AIUB Student Branch Chapter; Lecturer, Faculty of Engineering, who initiated with an introduction to  IEEE SPAVe and how this venture is designed to develop a student professionally. He talked about the necessities of being a professional in future career. Following that he conducted an entertaining ice-breaking session between the participants. Later, three winners of the ice-breaking session were provided with a token of achievement on behalf of the IEEE AIUB Student Branch.

The first speaker session of the venture “Venture to Become an Entrepreneur” was initiated following the ice-breaking session and the breakfast, which was conducted by Mr. Zamilur Rashid, Chief Executive Officer & Founder, Mindfisher Games Inc. Mr. Zamilur Rashid initiated his presentation with a brief introduction to the aspects of entrepreneurship. The session was very interactive as the participants shared their perspectives on the difference between a startup and a business. He also stated the importance of the goal, listening, and responsibility to become a successful entrepreneur. The session was concluded with an interactive question and answer session between the participants and the speaker based on the startup initiatives. Mr. Zamilur Rashid was provided with a token of gratitude by Mr. Nasim Al Islam to which the session was concluded.

The second session titled, “Modern Day CV Writing” was conducted by Mr. S M Ahbabur Rahman, Head of Human Resources, Doreen Power; Lead Consultant, HR Speaks Bangladesh, who initiated by introducing himself including his educational and career background. Then he discussed the necessities and aspects of making a smart Curriculum Vitae. He then talked about the criticality of some of the information in CV writing in details which include career objective, skills, extra-curricular activities, reference, etc. The session was concluded with an interactive question and answer session between the speaker and the participants. Mr. S M Ahbabur Rahman was provided with a token of gratitude by Mr. Shams Shad Rafi, Student Activities Coordinator, IEEE Bangladesh Section; Mentor, IEEE AIUB Student Branch.

Following that the third session of the venture, “Resources To Build Your Profile For Both Academic & Professional Career” was initiated by honorable Prof. Dr. Md. Abdur Rahman, Director, Faculty of Engineering, AIUB; Adviser, IEEE AIUB Student Branch, who discussed the evolution of engineering. Then he talked about the aspects and benefits of Outcome-Based Education system. He discussed the necessary skills apart from academics that employers consistently seek for. He then urged the participants to set a career strategy and self-assess themselves to improvise. He talked about the importance of publications, journals, projects, and networking in academics that gives an edge to an employee while developing his profile. He briefed about the keys to a successful career which include communication skills, leadership skills, mentorship, engineering ethics, etc. He then concluded his session by showcasing some of the resources online both for academic and professional development. Later, Prof. Dr. Md. Abdur Rahman was provided with a token of gratitude by Mr. Afzar Adib, Industrial Activity Coordinator, IEEE Bangladesh Section; Architect, Internet of Things, Grameenphone Ltd.

The final session of the day, “How Can Volunteering Help an Engineering Student?” was conducted by Mr. Arnob Kumar Saha, Assistant Manager, Office of Professional Development at BYLC, who initiated his presentation by introducing himself including his educational and career background. He presented a humanitarian video after which the participants shared their thoughts or perspectives on the video. Then he discussed the essence of volunteering. He urged the participants to overcome the doubt and to start taking initiatives. Then he briefed about some of the benefits of volunteering which include increasing confidence, improving time management, building team spirit, increasing fitness and exposure to new experiences. He concluded his session with an interactive question and answer session with the participants. Later, Mr. Arnob Kumar Saha was provided with a token of gratitude by Mr. Md. Romael Haque, ASIC DFT Design Engineer, Prime Silicon Technology (BD) Ltd.; Treasurer, IEEE Bangladesh Section; Visiting Researcher, University of Toronto.

The day-long venture was concluded with a concluding speech from Mr. Chowdhury Akram Hossain, Adviser, IEEE AIUB Student Branch; Senior Assistant Professor, Faculty of Engineering, AIUB; Special Assistant, Office of Student Affairs, AIUB, who thanked the participants for their active participation throughout the day. He also mentioned that how this professional venture will help them develop themselves for future career challenges. He concluded his speech by thanking the honorable speakers, fellow participants, and enthusiastic volunteers for their contribution and making IEEE Student Professional Awareness Venture (SPAVe) 2.0 a grand success.

The day-long professional venture concluded at 6.30 P.M. The event was composed of very effective and informative session which the participants were delighted with as it will help them for professional development. More than 50 participants from different universities across Bangladesh took part in one of the grandest ventures in IEEE Bangladesh Section.

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