In celebration of the ‘International WIE Day 2020’, the IEEE AIUB Student Branch in collaboration with the IEEE AIUB Student Branch WIE Affinity Group successfully organized a webinar titled ‘Women in Nuclear Power Engineering’. Amid the ongoing COVID-19 crisis, when everyone is staying at home, the IEEE AIUB Student Branch WIE Affinity Group organized the webinar through the CISCO WEBEX MEETING platform. The webinar was conducted by Shafiul Wara Tasmia, Executive Trainee (Nuclear Engineer), Nuclear Power Plant Company Bangladesh Ltd., who mainly focused on Nuclear energy and career opportunities for women in Engineering sectors. The webinar was hosted by Ms. Yea Laila Hossain Onti, Volunteer, IEEE AIUB Student Branch, who welcomed the participants and talked about the rules and regulations along with the etiquettes which should be followed throughout the webinar.

Ms. Tasmia started the session by introducing herself and sharing her educational and professional background. She discussed the history of Nuclear Energy & Nuclear Electricity production and also the working principle of Nuclear Power System.  She gave a detailed theoretical idea about the functionality of a Nuclear power plant and portrayed the goals of her present workplace, Nuclear Power Plant Company Bangladesh Ltd. After that, she talked about how women are currently contributing to the diverse fields of engineering with their dedication and hard work. For motivating the participants, she informed them that 30% of the professionals as well as 2 out of the 6 Deputy Director Generals are women in the International Atomic Energy Agency (IAEA). Afterwards, she shared her academic experience and also spoke briefly about the scholarship opportunities in Russia along with the job opportunities in numerous Bangladeshi companies like NPCBL, BAEC, BAERA and BINA. After her presentation, the speaker took part in an interactive Question-Answer session where she efficiently answered all the questions from participants.

The concluding speech was delivered by the host, where she expressed her wholehearted gratitude towards the honourable speaker and all the participants for their valuable participation in the webinar. She concluded the webinar by talking about the importance of social distancing as well as social compassion among each other during this pandemic. The event was graced by the presence of 66 female participants who joined the session from different institutions of the country.

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