On 9th May 2020, IEEE AIUB Student Branch in collaboration with IEEE Industry Application Society AIUB Student Branch Chapter successfully organized a webinar titled Engineering in Agricultural Industry: Exploring the Untapped Potentials. Amid the ongoing COVID-19 crisis, when everyone is staying at home, the IEEE AIUB Student Branch organized this webinar through the CISCO WEBEX MEETING platform. The webinar was conducted by Mr. Mashrur H. Shurid, Co-founder & CEO, IPAGE Bangladesh Ltd, who mainly talked about the modern agricultural industry, the ways of introducing our farmers to precision agriculture technologies and helping them to achieve sustainability through climate-smart approaches. The webinar was inaugurated by Mr. Mashrur Sakib Choyon, Vice-Chairperson (Technical), IEEE AIUB Student Branch, who welcomed the participants and guests. He thanked the participants for participating in such informative event organized by IEEE AIUB Student Branch. He then talked about the rules, regulations and etiquettes which should be followed by the participants throughout the webinar.

After that, Mr. Mashrur H. Shurid started his session by sharing his educational and professional background. He talked about agriculture, its origin and different aspects. Mr. Shurid also talked about different areas of agriculture and how it affects the GDP of any country. He gave insight on vertical farming and talked about Data Science along with how it is useful in agriculture. He described about various techniques and distinct types of crop management as well as different automation operations. He also talked about different agricultural processes which can have positive impact on the environment and elaborately compared traditional agriculture with the modern one. After that, Mr. Shurid briefly discussed about some of the myths about agriculture and efficiently gave answers to the questions from participants. He concluded his speech by encouraging the participants to apply Engineering knowledge on modern agriculture.  

The concluding speech was delivered by Mr. Shahriar Aqib Khan, Vice-Chairperson (Activity), IEEE AIUB Student Branch; Chairperson, IEEE Industry Application Society AIUB Student Branch Chapter, who expressed his wholehearted gratitude towards the honorable speaker and all the participants for their valuable participation in the webinar. He concluded by informing the participants about the feedback form consisted of certain questions which were needed to be answered by the participants to be able to receive their certificate of participation. By filling up the feedback form, the participants also pointed out the factors where IEEE AIUB Student Branch can ameliorate in organizing such events in the future. The event was graced by the presence of 88 participants including participants from two foreign countries.

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