A Three day study tour was organized for the major students of International Business by the Department of Marketing. The purpose of the visit was to give the students valuable insights and hands-on perspective on the international aspects of a business organization in an export oriented sector. On 26th November 2014, 16 IB students started off their journey to the scenic Srimongol from Dhaka by bus. They were surprised to be greeted at the majestic Grand Sultan Tea Resort and Spa for a short stay, a mini tour and buffet breakfast- all on behalf of the kind gesture of Mr. Nazrul Ilsma and Mr. Zahiruddin; Marketing and tour Managers of the hotel. The students were shown the good life that awaits them after they finish their studies and embark on a successful life's decision that can provide them such type of luxury in future. From there the students boarded the hired minivans that took them through the zigzag roads of creamy sunshine above and mesmerizing greenery of tea gardens around. By 11:00am, the group reached the gates of Baraoora Tea Estate, a prime supplier and wholesaler of black and green tea leaves under Finlay Brand. This particular tea garden is more then 100 years old and has been providing the unique dark leaves that have a distinct flavor and color. The students were welcomed in the bungalow of Mr. G.M. Shiblee, the deputy manager of Estate; a very charming and loving personality. He took students to a tour of the factories and showed them the drying, sorting, packing, heating process of the collected leaves. After taking a short recess, the students went back to Mr. Shiblee's bunglow. Afterwards, the students and faculty members by turns were taken to the Rubber Garden on a Jeep ride through the zigzag roads. There, the students witnesses and were updates on how raw rubber is scrapped from rubber trees. After the visit, Mr. Shiblee treated the group with some delicious snacks and shared his enlightening knowledge to the students. At the concluding moments, the faculty members presented gift packs on behalf of AIUB to Mr. Shiblee as a token of their appreciation. On way back, the group visited the customs authorities near Jaflong, Sylhet and observed the excavation and transportation of lime stones that are in abundance there. The tour was organized by Ms. Mahreen Mamoon, Assistant professor of Marketing Department. Mr. AKM Kamrul Haque, Assistant Professor of the same Department accompanied the troupe too. The tour was approved by OSA after a pre-briefing conducted by Mr. Manzur H Khan, Director of office of students Affairs. Upon return the group gave the gifts sent through them from the tea resort for the honorable Pro vice Chancellor Professor Dr. Charles C. Villanuenva, and the Associate Dean Dr. Ehsan Udiin Ahmed. The major students also gave the token of gifts to Mr. AK Nazmul, Director of BBA Programs and Dr. Nisar Ahmed, Director of MBA Programs. The trip was indeed fruitful and has widened the horizon of the students in both cultural and business perspective.

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