Department of Management and HRM, American International University Bangladesh (AIUB) recently organized HR fest where “HR Today & Tomorrow” was the main theme of the program, from 29th, 30th March and 2nd April, 2017. In the fest, different types of events and programs involving the students, Community and Industry were arranged by the department. One of the activities was “Movie Quiz Competition”. In this Movie Quiz Competition, students watched a Business related movie and after that they sat down for a Quiz Test and Case study based  test,  where they were asked about the movie and the business related  problems  including Decision Making, Analytical and Managerial / Critical situation related questions. It was an initiative for learning from Case Study based approach (the movie) and followed by Quiz. It also incorporated the Application of the Learning in the real life. Since it was a competition, there were 3 winners and they received “Certificates of Appreciation” on the Closing Ceremony, which was held on 2nd April, 2017. 


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