The Department of Laws organized a guest speaker session on “The Money Loan Courts Act, 2003: Practice and Challenges” on October 18, 2019 at the AIUB Campus. This was part of a student development initiative for EMBA students, undertaken by course instructor, Md. Khalid Rahman, Assistant Professor, Department of Law, AIUB.

Shaikh Md. Muzahid Ul Islam, Honorable Joint District Judge, Arthorin Adalaot 3, Dhaka and Advocate Shihab Ahmed Shirazee, Supreme Court of Bangladesh were the guest speakers in this session. The session started with the welcome speech from Mr. Md Khalid Rahman. Later, Advocate Shihab Ahmed Shirazee highlighted the practices of Money Loan Courts Act, 2003 from lawyers and banker’s perspective. Finally, the session became very lively when honorable Judge Shaikh Md. Muzahid Ul Islam shared few real-life experiences as a current judge of Arthorin Adalot with the students.

At the end of the session, DR. A. N. NEAZ AHMAD gave a vote of thanks to the guest speakers for their valuable contribution and presented them with tokens of appreciation.


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