1. Please join the virtual classroom on time (as per the regular schedule). Students will be allowed 15 minutes to join successfully.
  1. The ideal environment would be for the teachers to deliver lecture with sound and camera on, while the students have their speakers enabled, but microphone and camera disabled. If any student needs to make a query, they can post a text message in the chat window, if required, the teacher may unmute the microphone or camera of the student as appropriate.
  1. Stay in real time video presence.
  1. Wear Formal or Semiformal attire. Avoid casual attire.
  1. Sit on a table and straight seat. Do not lie on sofa or bed during the class.
  1. Keep the room quiet.
  1. Be prepared and fresh for the class. Avoid leaving the class in the middle.
  1. Do not engage into other communications (conversation, phone call or sms) during the class.
  1. Do not eat during the class time.
  1. Please note, laptop and desktop are ideal for the online class. Teachers cannot use Smartphones to deliver the lecture as the online video option is not available in the smartphone version. Students may use smartphones; but there will be limited availability of some of the features in smartphones.
  1. Use headphone/ earphone and microphone.
  1. Teachers may record the lecture for future reference.
  1. Students are not allowed to record any part of the lecture by any means. Any misuse of the lecture sessions or modified or unauthorized posting of any part of the lecture sessions in any social media group will be a major offense and will lead to disciplinary action.