Final exam notice

April 18, 2011           FOR  :        ALL CONCERNED
          FROM:       VC
          RE     :        Final Exams           Please be informed of the following:



April 20

Submission/photocopying/arranging of Final exam manuscripts, 2 sets (A/B) to concerned Faculty/Department

April 26

Submission of original manuscripts to VC’s office

April 23-28

Laboratory Final Exams (check permits, regular classes)

April 30-May 7

Final Exams

May 1

Labor day

May 8

Admission exams

May 14

Posting of final grade, submission of hard copies to IT and concerned Dean

May 22

First Day of Summer semester

May 22

Locking of Spring semester Grades

June 5

Cancellation of “Invalid students”

June 22

Conversion of “UW”, “I”, and blank grades (Spring semester 2010-2011) to “F”