The students of American International University-Bangladesh studying in (FASS) National Culture and Heritage in Fall 2011-2012 enjoyed and experienced an interesting study tour to the Liberation War Museum (Muktijuddho Jadughar) and Lalbagh Fort on 9 December, 2011.The purpose of the tour was to get to know the history and culture of our country through real life experience. The tour comprised of two faculty members of Social Science Department Ms. Shaira Matin (Course Teacher) and Ms. Farhana Zaman and students of the course ‘National Culture and Heritage’. The Museum had treasures of the most important incidents of the history of Bangladesh such as images, relics, used equipments of freedom fighters, skulls and bones, mementoes and documents. The students participated in a quiz program and also watched a documentary movie on Liberation war which made everything realistic for them. Students then went to the Lalbagh Fort, which is a Mughal palace fortress at the Buriganga River in the southwestern part of Dhaka, Bangladesh. The artistic taste of Mughal architecture is clearly visible here and the majestic lifestyle of the Mughals is beautifully displayed in a museum. Through this visit to the Lalbagh Fort, students got the opportunity to know more details about the Mughal achievements, and experienced the exotic beauty of the whole place.

The tour was a great motivation to explore more about the culture, heritage and history of Bangladesh. The organization of the tour was well planned so the whole team learned, experienced and enjoyed the trip and also took back with their valuable findings of the heritage and culture of their country.