Quality assurance is a process of determining quality existing on a particular academic program. The process is intensive and objective to arrive at valuable information that can be made as a basis for improvement. After two stages of self-assessment of the Computer Engineering (CoE) conducted by 5 assessors composed of the students, faculty, nonacademic, alumni and employer, the external peer review was organized to validate the self-assessment report (SAR) prepared by the Self Assessment Committee (SAC) . The report was also reviewed by the IQAC to ensure that the report followed the standard in form and contents prescribed by UGC-Quality Assurance Unit (QAU). The report   was sent to the members of the EPR comprised of 1 foreign Quality Assurance Expert, Prof. Bholanath Dutta from India,  1 local expert on QA, Dr. Md. Shahidul Kabir  and 1 local expert on the program, Prof. Mohammad Shorif Uddin.  It was a 3-day, 14-16 November 2017,  intensive review which involved the face to face interview with the management, faculty, students, alumni and employers. A visit was made to the different infrastructure of the university and educational facilities like classrooms, laboratories, library, grounds and some offices. They were made to understand that the entire structure is not yet complete as construction of other portion is still in full swing. Only the 6 annexes are completed where classes and laboratories are held.  Yet in spite of this, the reviewers were impressed  as the classrooms are equipped with teaching-learning facilities and the labs are equipped with modern computer units and other hardwares.  Each of the nine (9) areas were examined as reflected in the SAR and exhibit by area. The systems and procedures of university operation  was also reviewed likewise,  the academic components of the  CoE program were also assessed if indeed follow certain international standards. On the university side, the Pro Vice Chancellor and Director of IQAC, Prof. Dr. Charles C Villanueva oriented the team on the various efforts and initiatives the university is undertaking  to ensure that quality prevails in the overall operation of the university. At the program level the Dean of the Faculty of Engineering, Prof. Dr. Siddique Hossain  was also on hand to provide additional information and  clarify certain issues raised by the EPR Team. Further, the Chair of the CoE SAC, Prof. Dr. Md. Abdur Rahman presented the entire  SAR  through a PT presentation and ably explained the development of the program.  The AIUB-IQAC Team and the other SAC members of the university were on hand to provide strong support in terms of documentation, procedures and logistics. The review ended on the afternoon of the third day  and the exit report was presented to the members of IQAC, SAC, the Dean and the Pro Vice Chancellor on behalf of the Vice Chancellor, Dr. Carmen Z. Lamagna  and Management of the University. The SWOT highlights the report and the announcement of the rating of EXCELLENT of the CoE Program Review.

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