ESAB AIUB Unit Face organized a daylong workshop named "Interactive & Practical Training Session with Virtual Reality" presented by AIUB Studio13. It took place in room 1101 of annex 1, AIUB campus. The workshop started with the national anthem followed by a brief promo video focusing on ESAB's mission, vision and activities. Mr. Kazi Ahmed Asif Fuad (Lecturer, Faculty of Engineering) delivered the inaugural speech introducing Virtual Reality world to the audience. He talked about the importance of Virtual Reality in current world and the future use of it.  Besides he motivated the participants and thanked ESAB AIUB Unit Face for arranging this workshop.

Then the workshop started with the session of Mr. Md. Sharif Ul Abedin (Instructor, AIUB Continuing Education Center). He started with the basic overview of virtual reality. He explained how to create a virtual environment using HTC vive, satellite, VR controller etc. and described their functionality. After that he presented a game created by AIUB Studio13 and showed how to use the associated devices. He even let the participants play the game which all participants greatly enjoyed. Then he explained how to create a virtual Environment and how virtual game logics work. Mr. Khondoker Zobaed Hassan (Instructor, AIUB Continuing Education Center) then demonstrated how to create shapes and control navigation to the participants. Ms. Farhana Sayed Juthi (Instructor, AIUB Continuing Education Center) explained light texture in virtual reality using Blender.  After the lunch and prayer break, the workshop restarted. In this session, the instructors gave participants some simple tasks such as making objects (e.g., chair, table, bed etc.). Using those objects, a virtual room was created and presented to the participants. Participants were utterly delighted to see their own task combined and formed into virtual reality. At the end of the workshop, the instructors were honored with crests and all the participants were provided with certificates as a mark of successful participation in the workshop.

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