Engineering Student’s Association of Bangladesh (ESAB) AIUB Unit Face organized an Arduino based workshop entitled as “Basic Intelligent Robot” at room 551, FBA building, AIUB on April 15, 2017 from 10:30am to 5pm. The workshop started with the national anthem followed by a brief promo video focusing on ESAB's aim, vision and activities. Eight groups, each with members of 5 students, participated in the workshop. On the first phase of the workshop, Mr. Tawsif Ibne Alam (Lecturer, Faculty of Engineering, AIUB & Motivator of ESAB AIUB-Unit Face) presented the inaugural speech enhancing the fact to learn maze solving algorithm and encouraged the students to take part in these events.

Afterwards, honorable guest speaker Mr. Abul Al Arabi (Lecturer, Department of CSE, IUB) started the workshop with a brief introduction to the upcoming robotics world. He showed multiple line follower and a maze solving videos to encourage the participants. The purpose of the workshop was to enable students to build their own maze solver by combining their knowledge of coding, algorithm, hardware and circuits. Also, to help students to imply the practical applications of a maze solver. He started from the basic theoretical knowledge of line follower robots to the root of the maze solver and explained the aim of intelligent robot in industry and presented a power point presentation which included basic mechanism and 3 basic functions of maze solver, details of the required hardware (IR sensor, Arduino Uno board, Motor controller) and power division. By answering to the questions of students he ended up his speech.

The assembly and coding session was mentored by the three helping assistants Mr. Pronobesh Sarkar (Expert in aerodynamics), Mr. Jahid & Mr. Alam and thus the implementation of intelligent robots got started. The first segment of assembling was successfully done by all the groups with the help of the mentor through lighting up the sensor. In the second segment after lunch, Mr. Arabi finished rest of the implementation with proper and elaborate descriptions with the codes

At the end of the workshop Mr. Ebad Zahir (Senior Assistant Professor, Faculty of Engineering, AIUB) took the floor and delivered a very inspirational speech to the participants. He mentioned that workshop is more enjoyable than classroom because students choose to attend them. "Intelligence is the ability to take decisions and their applications", he explained by tagging the key word "Intelligence". Then he ended up with his speech by encouraging everyone to join future competitions on robotics. Afterwards, Mr. Ebad Zahir handed over token of appreciation to all the honorable guests as well as instructors with a huge round of applause by the students.

At the end of the ceremony, 8 Maze solving Intelligent robots were ready to move on the track. Some of the participants ran their intelligent robots on the track given by the organizers after the end of the workshop.  ESAB is also grateful to Ms. Tajbia Karim (Lecturer, Faculty of Engineering, AIUB & Motivator of ESAB AIUB-Unit Face) for her support and presence in the event which inspired the participants a lot. The entire ceremony was hosted by ESAB Unit Face member, Ms. Raisha Islam Arin. Executives and all organizing and working members of ESAB attended the event. All the participants were given with certificates as a mark of successful participation in the workshop.


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