Engineering Student's Association of Bangladesh (ESAB) AIUB Unit Face organized a constructive workshop entitled as “A Day for Quadcopter” at Room-7101, FASS Building, AIUB, from 11am - 4pm on 31st March, 2016. The workshop started with the national anthem followed by a brief promo video focussing on ESAB's aim, vision and activities. Mr. Chowdhury Akram Hossain (Special Assistant of OSA & Assistant Professor, Department of EEE, AIUB) provided the inaugural speech enhancing the facts to learn about robotics and also praised ESAB AIUB unit face’s dedication for coming up with new ideas each time. His motivational speech encouraged the students much to learn about the new technology of Quadcopter.

Mr. Tonmoy Sarkar (Team leader, Eagle Eye, best project team at DU IEEESBSCSE) started the session by presenting a multimedia presentation that assembled basic knowledge of helicopter and derived the mechanism, configuration, movements, components, circuit connections, usage of sensors and many more important topics related to Quadcopter broadly. Many diagrams, different examples based on practical scenario were shown to help the participants learn about Quadcopter. Then, Mr. Mahfujul Islam Akash (Mentor Executive, MIST Robotic Club) started his speech by describing the basics of Quadcopter and importance of knowing it from root level. He focused on the hardware parts where required motor (BLDC) for the Quadcopter, central controller and connection mechanism to the software were highlighted. He showed the participants a model of Quadcopter of their own which turned out to be one of the significant aspects of the workshop. Afterwards, Md. Rafi Ur Rahman (Mentor facilitator, MIST Robotics Club) narrated the software needed for the Quadcopter project named “Mission Planner” in details. He described each of the functions of the software that included tuning, ESC calibration, Flight mode, Battery Monitor, OSD, Motor Calibration, Camera Gimbal and Motor test. Later on, he ended up the speech by giving examples of the different usage of Quadcopter and exchanged ideas with the participants. Mr. Ahmed Shariar (Coordinator, ESAB MIST Unit Face, Vice President, MIST Robotic Club) provided his speech by enhancing on the difference between DRONE an UAV (Unarmed Ariel system). He also encouraged the participants for taking their Quadcopters to the practical field and serve the society much. In the meanwhile, the question answer session got started where the enthusiastic students responded very well.

Dr. A B M Siddique Hossain (Professor and Dean, Faculty of Engineering, AIUB) delivered a speech by including the difficulties students face while deciding their future pathway. Also, he suggested the participants to increase their communication skills and learn how to lead a disciplined life. He also appreciated the work of ESABAIUB Unit Face for arranging such an informative workshop and wished that ESAB would continue doing such innovative events more in future.

At the end of the event, souvenirs were handed over to the honourable speakers as a token of appreciation to their effort in making the event successful in the presence of  Dr. A B M Siddique Hossain(Professor and Dean, Faculty of Engineering, AIUB) and Dr. Md. Abdul Mannan (Associate professor & Head, Undergraduate program, Department of EEE, AIUB). ESAB AIUB Unit Face is thankful to Mr. Tawsif Ibne Alam (Lecturer, Department of EEE, AIUB and Motivator, ESAB AIUB-Unit Face) and Ms. Tajbia Karim (Lecturer, Department of EEE, AIUB and Motivator, ESAB AIUB-Unit Face) for their support and presence in the event which inspired the participants immensely. All the participants were given with certificates as a mark of successful participation in the workshop.



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