‘EQUILIBRIUM’ (A forum of the Department of Economics)

‘EQUILIBRIUM’ (A forum of the Department of Economics) organized its first seminar on “Contemporary Economic Issues” on 12th of April, 2011. The Dean of FASS, Dr. Tazul Islam was the chief guest and one of the discussants as well. Ms. Nadia Neheli Mostafa (Student of the Department of Economics) presented a paper on ‘Dynamics of Trade Liberalization in Bangladesh’. She explained different trade regimes in Bangladesh since its inception. In the recommendation section of her paper, she voted for diversifying the export basket as more than seventy five percent of the export basket is Ready Made Garments. The second paper on ‘Aging in Bangladesh and Its Implication’ actually made a few eyebrows up. Ms Maria Afreen (Student of BBA) lucidly put forward her prescription for the aged people in Bangladesh. Her Presentation was followed by a round of discussions by Dr. Neaz Ahmed and Dr. Tanvir Mahmud. Both are eminent researchers, and of course faculty members in AIUB.   The seminar ended with certification of the paper presenters. The seminar was moderated by the mentor of the forum, Mr. Syed Muhammad Ishraque Osman (Faculty, Department of Economics).