Enthralling seminar on 'Dhakaiya Kutti' language and humor

As part of the English department's faculty-presentation program (where faculty members give talks on their ongoing researches in respective areas), a seminar titled "The Dhakaiya Kutti dialect and Humor: A Brief Sociolinguistic Analysis" by the department head Dr. Faheem Hasan Shahed was held on 16 July at 11 a.m. in the seminar room of Campus-7.

Dr. Faheem made a vivid presentation about the socio-historic origin of the Dhakaiya Kutti community and the evolution of their attractive language and wit. He described how since the Muslim rule in Bengal-especially after Dhaka was made the capital under Mughal rule- people from the other sides of the river Buriganga migrated to Dhaka, and consequently created a mixed colloquial Bangla. He then narrated several theories of the origin of the Kutti community who were involved in diversified low-wage jobs.
Eventually the Dhakaiya Kutti language became a dominant language for inter-maholla (locality) communication. Dr. Faheem went on to present analyses of the morphological, syntactic, semantic and phonological aspects of this interesting language which were even influenced by various North Indian

In his latter half of the seminar, Dr. Faheem concentrated on the natural humor and wit of the Kutti language-which used to be created by common people out of day-to-day needs. The audience thoroughly enjoyed his verbal recital of the diversified Dhakaiya jokes and wit-and also the Dhakaiya
version of the famous 'Tona-Tunir Golpo'-which signified the entire socio-cultural-political fabric of the country at that time, and are even relevant today. Describing how and why this rich linguistic heritage of our society has been on the verge of extinction, he emphasized the need of extensive research on this matter for the sake of our social, cultural and linguistic identities.

The seminar was attended by students regardless of departments and faculty members of English, Economics and MMC. Dr. A B M Rahmantullah, Head of Economics, gave the thanksgiving speech cracking a couple of famous Dhakaiya jokes as well.