English Department’s Inter-College English Speaking Contest 2012

The Department of English organized its regular ‘English in Action’ event in a newer form. This time, it was a multidimensional English Speaking Competition among the students of five prominent colleges of Dhaka: Viqarunnissa Noon School & College, Notre Dame College, Rajuk Uttara Model College, St. Joseph Higher Secondary School and Dhaka Imperial College. The preliminary round was held at the intra-college level, i.e. AIUB’s English Department conducted the event within these respective colleges among their students. After that, the top contestants from each of these colleges came to the AIUB auditorium and contested among themselves in the Grand Final on 22 November 2012, Thursday from 11 a.m. to 3.30 p.m. A total number of 45 students participated in front of a 4-member jury panel. The three items under which they contested were: Impromptu Speaking, Public Speaking (Oration), and Turn-the-Coat Speech. The last one was particularly interesting and relatively new for our country. Here each participant was given an on-spot topic and he/she had to first speak in favor of it for 2 minutes. A bell rang after that and instantly he/she had to speak against the topic for 2 minutes.  
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