Energy for Future

In this hour of crisis, Dept of EEE, AIUB contributes towards the step to find a new source of energy with the collaboration of Rahimafrooz to make the future engineers aware of efficient means of renewable energy. The workshop on Solar Panel Installation on the 8 April 2010 at AIUB started off at 11.30 am with a lot of expectations from the participants. The enthusiasm shown by the EEE students of AIUB was remarkable. The event was opened by Rahimafrooz with a presentation on how the company is striving to give a reliable and continuous supply of energy with accordance to the solar irradiance in Bangladesh with 23deg tilted south facing modules. Their effort in trying to make maintenance and operation simple and cost effective is truly noteworthy. The non-polluting energy source really has a fascinating way of operation. Rahimarooz has set up a small panel of solar panel on the Roof-top where the Honorable Vice Chancellor had later joined us to understand the beneficial ways of setting up a solar panel for future reference. After the presentation on solar panels, the presentation by, Dr. Mohammad Abdul Mannan, Assistant professor AIUB, on Wind Mills kept everyone in confusion on which one was the better way of using renewable energy. The only disadvantage it showed on its part is that the setup of wind mill requires a lot of space. The innovative uses of different mechanism in building a wind mill inspired us all and showed us how much further we need to venture in this field. Presentation on Climate change by Mezbah Ul Saber, Lecturer AIUB, which made us realize the importance of 3 Rs: Reduce, Reuse and Recycle. It showed information which indicates that this ongoing climate change may eventually lead to a new era of scientific inventions if history recurs. The last presentation was conducted by students of EEE department AIUB, working on a project under Abdul Hasib Sidiqqui and Dhrupad Debnath, Lecturer AIUB. The project showed a new design of Stirling Engine which is powered by heat, produced by sunlight redirected by a dish, to increase the intensity of heat produced. Then after a light snack, participants practically visited the solar panel installed on the roof top of AIUB campus 2 to understand the process clearly with equipment supplied by Rahimafrooz.