American International University-Bangladesh (AIUB) launches Outcome Based Education (OBE) model in Electrical and Electronic Engineering (EEE) and Computer Engineering (COE) programs in the Faculty of Engineering. OBE is an educational process that is focused at achieving certain specified outcomes for the graduate students. The desired outcome is selected first and the curriculum, instructional materials, assessments and evaluations like examinations, tests, quizzes, assignments, mini projects, case studies, grading etc. are created to support and achieve the intended outcome. OBE focuses on how much and how well the students have learnt and what students can actually do after they are taught. Engineering students are expected to be able to do more challenging tasks other than memorize and reproduce what was taught. OBE is needed for future accreditation by BAETE of IEB and ABET, USA and also to get recognition of AIUB engineering graduates by Washington Accord (WA) permanent member countries.

Four pre-launching workshops on OBE and its implementation were conducted for all the teachers of these two programs by Professor Dr. Muhammad H Rashid, University of West Florida, USA, Professor Dr. R I Noorani of Layola Marimount University, Los Angeles, USA, Professor Dr. Mahfuzul Aziz, University of South Australia and Professor Dr. Shahidul Islam, University of Sarawak, Malaysia

The day-long launching workshop on Thursday, February 16 was opened by Prof. Dr. Siddique Hossain, Dean of the faculty of Engineering who explained the background, importance and gradual implementation plan of OBE. Prof. Dr. Abdur Rahman, Director, faculty of engineering and Head (in charge) of COE program and  Prof. Dr. M A Mannan, Head of EEE program were trained before by BAETE sponsored workshops on OBE conducted by three experts from Singapore and Malaysia. Dr. Rahman and Dr. Mannan conducted the workshop explaining in details with examples Program Education Objective (PEO), Program Outcome (PO), Mapping and Writing Course Outcomes (COs) according to BLOOM’S TAXONOMY. All the faculty members of EEE and COE departments attended the workshop and actively participated on different tasks. The workshop was ended by distribution of certificates among the participants and closing remarks of Pro V.C. and Director, AIUB IQAC, Prof. Dr. Charles C Villanueva.  


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