Junction Bangladesh has been working to facilitate innovators, researchers and entrepreneurs of the country since its inception. In the process Junction Bangladesh has organized a Research Fellowship Program to address the challenges and opportunities in the field of entrepreneurship growth and to accelerate the growth of homegrown innovations in Bangladesh. The idea is to commission four research projects on important issues related innovations and startup ecosystem. In order to reach the goal, the plan is to engage university faculties and young researchers though offering fellowship.

In partnership with EMK Center, Junction Bangladesh has organized The “Entrepreneurship Research Fellowship”. The aim of the fellowship program is to encourage academicians and young researchers to indulge in more acclaimed researches which will not only help the individuals but also the entrepreneurship community. In February, 2017 Junction Bangladesh invited submission of research proposals. The rule for submitting proposal was to form a team of three members, where one faculty will work as “Lead Researcher” and two undergraduate students will work as “Associate Researcher”. In response to the call Syed AfrozKeramat, Lecturer, Department of Economics at AIUB formed “AIUB-Equilibrium Team”
 by engaging two undergraduate economics students of AIUB named Ataur Rahman and DurdanaTabassum and submitted research proposal titled
Factors Affecting Women Entrepreneurs’ Performance Engaged in Informal Sector: Evidence from Dhaka City.” The review board has shortlisted the research proposal for the Entrepreneurship Research Fellowship 2017 and invited the team members for a proposal presentation session on March 23, 2017 for the final review process. Finally on April 02, 2017 Junction Bangladesh declared that the proposal sent by the AIUB team has been selected for The Entrepreneurship Research Fellowship Program 2017 (Cohort I).The winner “AIUB-Equilibrium Team”of the Research Fellowship Program got 50,000 BDT as grant funding to conduct the research project.

Currently, the task of lead researcher and associate researchers is to develop study objectives, methodology, undertake research and evaluate outcomes.

Department of Economics humbly acknowledges the generous support of the AIUB management is encouraging and supporting the research team.


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