After a long hibernation, ‘Firefox at AIUB’ launches a magnificent event to waken up the activities in our university. It was held on 10th December, 2015 at American International University – Bangladesh. It was a close event with 30 new enthusiastic participants. We intentionally invite few but interested students with a vision to convert them as core contributors because we believe in quality instead of quantity. The objective of this event is to inform them about Mozilla’s mission and visions and their major projects so that they can decide which pathway is the best for contribution according to their ability.

The event starts by Md Anisur Rahman talking about ‘Intro to Mozilla’. He introduces Mozilla’s main objective which is to promote Openness, Innovations & Opportunity on the web. Then he talks about ‘Volunteering & Recognition’ and ‘Communication Channels’. Here, he explain how a volunteer can be recognized globally through contribution on Mozilla’s projects and how to get latest updates and feedback on community channels.

After he finishes, Salman Rahman Desh takes the opportunity and talks about ‘Intro to Firefox Browser’. Here, he discusses about Nightly, Developer Edition (Aurora) and Beta version of Firefox and introduces Firefox for Android + iOS. Through this session, students fully understand the differences between three types of browsers and also learn latest features.

Then me, Khalid Syfullah Zaman talks about ‘Mozilla QA’. I introduce the definition of ‘BUG’, the importance of QA and how QA contributors work through bug triaging and verification.

After that, Asif Raihan talks about ‘Webmaker’ and ‘Teach the Web’. He discusses about web literacy and the functions of Mozilla club.

Then, Mahbub Alam Papun talks about ‘Support Mozilla (SuMo)’. He discusses about different activities of Sumo and instructs how to get involved in this pathway. Then I again talk about ‘Localization’, difference between Translation and Localization, Localize tools and how to get involved in it.

After 30 minutes of snacks break, Salman Rahman Desh again takes session about ‘Firefox OS’. He explains how easy to make apps for Firefox OS with basic knowledge of HTML, CSS and JavaScript. He also discusses about Firefox OS versions, B2GDroid and Foxfooding. Md Anisur Rahman takes the final session about ‘Mozilla Developer Network (MDN)’ and ‘Firefox Student Ambassador (FSA)’. He introduces the way of promoting Mozilla’s projects and products as FSA and through FSA club.

After taking all sessions, ‘Club Activity and Q&A’ took part. We share our mission to increase members of our clubs. On Q&A session, participants get swags by answering our questions.

As a tradition of Mozilla event, we took selfies with participants and a group photos. Now participants fully understand where and how to contribute to their desire pathways. From this day, we shall organize workshops on a particular platform where maximum students show interest in it. 

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