ATTENTION STUDENTS, FACULTY AND OFFICERS ! ! ! The American Dairy Limited is going to establish a bovine (Bull) semen collection and, processing factory (proposed name, American Breeding Bull Station (ABBS) for selective breeding of cows. This will be the first venture in private sector in Bangladesh. This bull station promises to produce, highest quality "bull semen straw".  In this regard, we are calling the attention of those who are   interested to design an appropriate Corporate Identity Image/Trademark to be used in promoting and identifying the brand name of ABBS. Basically, the color should be blue, red or red+blue as corporate color. If selected, there  will be an award of Certificate of Recognition and Cash Prize For further information or clarification, please contact Mr. Niaz Mazumder;  or   Farhana Afroze
Please open this link: Please submit your entry/design to any of the following offices on or before 08 May 2014: Dean, Faculty of Business Administration
Director, BBA Program
Mr. Niaz Mazumder, Advertising Faculty
Mr. Arefeen Ibrahim, Coordinator, Architecture Department
Ms. Farhana Afroze, Acting Head, MMC