Once again Engineering Students’ Association of Bangladesh (ESAB) AIUB Unit Face was successful at organizing another fruitful event, “Careers 360° - The Right Direction”, held at the American International University Bangladesh (AIUB) Auditorium.


The purpose of this event was to provide the students of Dept. of CS an insight about their future career path.The seminar began with the National anthem followed by a promotional video regarding ESAB.An ornamental inaugural speech was delivered by Mr. Mashiour Rahman (Assistant Professor & Director,Department of Computer Science, AIUB)inspiring the students. Shortly after that, Prof. Dr. Tafazzal Hossain (Vice President Academic Affairs & Dean, Faculty of Science & Information Technology, AIUB) spoke a few words explaining how proud he felt about his students. Eight renowned, successful Alumni were present at the seminar as guest speakers, to share their knowledge and experiences with the students. The first speaker, Mr. MJ Ferdous (Technical Specialist, Microsoft), discussed about setting goals and how to gradually excel to become unique leaders. The next speaker, Mr. Anisur Rahman (Senior Manager, Network Operation, Level3 Carrier Limited (IIG Profile)), mentioned that the first job is always a challenge. He talked about networking and shared his first job experience. Also, he specifically quoted that talent can be replaced with hard work and perseverance. Mr. Tanzim Saqib (Tech. Evangelist, Microsoft), whopresented a wonderful, enthusiastic speech about the current opportunities available for the students and emphasized how family came first and how one’s choice can affect others. Then, Mr. Asif Atick (CTO, Prime Tech), said that one can only exceed if passion reclined within them and only then, they wouldlove their profession as they discover the fun in Computer Science. Mr. Jalal Uddin (CEO, Proggasoft) mentioned ways to enhance oneself by practicing coding, improving skills and participating into competitions. Later on, Mr. Shiefuzzaman (System Analyst, Software Division, AIUB) advised the students not to be greedy for money, read blogs and to backup previous projects periodically. A young inspirational achiever, Bony Yousuf (Lead Web Developer of MadWell, Indie Game Developer) shared his life history and expressed that with passion one can drive through any obstacles. Lastly, Mr. Sahib Bin Mahboob (Software Eng., Escenic Asia Ltd.) guided the students on how to look for jobs by being active on the social network.


A few common moral advices from all the speakers were to maintain an outstanding portfolio which would give an extra boost and weight to the resume, to keep tabs on the current career trends and to raise human capabilities with the thrust of immense dedication. Finally, Dr. Dip Nandi (Assistant Professor  & Head (Undergraduate Program), Dept. of CS, AIUB) presented the ending speechalong with an interactive question-answer session. The seminar ended after crests were presented to the speakers as a token of appreciation. ESAB AIUB Unit Face is also grateful to Dr. Kazi A. Kalpoma (Associate Professor, Department of CS, AIUB), for her support and presence in the event. Executives and all organizing andworking members and volunteers of ESAB attended the seminar.

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