Canadian Students at AIUB

On 30th of May, 2011 HR and Marketing Department jointly facilitated a visit of Canadian Students to AIUB. There were 8 Canadian students from University of Toronto, University of Western Ontario, McMaster University, and University of Waterloo. Students from AIUB and Canadian universities were benefited from the in depth discussion on various related local and global challenging issues i.e. economical, current market trend, political, women empowerment, lifestyles and poverty alleviation. Even though discussion groups were from different parts of the world but it has been observed that their vision were very similar in developing a sustainable world. These Canadian students were very excited to find out that our students are very much inquisitive in knowing and learning about the global issues. The group discussion were organized by Rana D Mazumder of HR dept. and Azad Ashraf of Marketing  dept. BBA director Dr. Ehsanul Huda, Rashed Chowdhury Head of Marketing Dept. and Farheen Hasan Head of HR & Management also supported in making this program a success.