The Dr. Anwarul Abedin Scholarship Grant for Female University Student is now open for application for the Spring Semester 2018-2019. The Criteria are given below for your reference. If you feel that you are qualified, please submit your application (with prescribed documents) at the office of your respective Dean (FASS, FBA, FE and FST) by February 19, 2019. An interview session will be scheduled by the Dean’s office on a later date.


This scholarship grant is established in honor of the late Founder and Chairman of the Board of Trustees of the American International University-Bangladesh (AIUB), Dr. Anwarul Abedin. His vision in providing opportunities for female students to have greater access to university education augurs well to the national and international concern of narrowing the gender gap between male and female students in the university. The grant covers only the tuition fee (100%) given to qualified female student every regular semester, Fall and Spring, based on the number of slots to be declared by the management.


Criteria for the Selection of Recipients (For Undergraduate Female Students Only)

  1. CGPA OF 3.8 and above
  2. No grade below B+
  3. Regular Full Time/Full Credit, 12-15 credits with no semester gap
  4. Certification of No Disciplinary Action (to be issued by OSA)
  5. Certification of Membership in any AIUB Student Club
  6. Certification of Active Participation in Department/Course Extra Curricular Activities (e.g. volunteer, organizer of seminars, celebrations, etc.)
  7. Not a recipient of any other kind of scholarship/financial assistance provided by the university or any other organization.


The renewal of the Grant every regular semester is subject to maintaining the CGPA and other criteria prescribed above.