Site visit and Hands on training are two integral parts of architecture curriculum. The Department of Architecture organized a two-day study trip for the students that integrates these two in the initial stage and finally will lead to a unique combined presentation in the form of design exercises, presentations etc. Moinamoti Buddhist Monastery, one of the most famous architectural heritages of this region was selected as the destination of this study trip. Exercises like this involving heritage sites should make the students aware and build a sense of pride in them about our rich architectural heritage thus make them conscious about their conservation and preservation too.
On the first day (November 22nd, 2007), the group visited “Kutilamura” and “Ananda Bihar” two archaeological remains of Buddhist monasteries that were excavated in Moinamoti Cantonment region. Documentation was carried out by the students through sketches and photographs.
On the second day (November 23rd, 2007), the students were guided to an architecturally important complex in Comilla, BARD (Bangladesh Academy for Rural Development) designed by architect Constantine Doxiadis, who is the architect of Dhaka University T.S.C and Home Economics College too. The students were inspired by the interesting spatial dialogues and soothing environment created with a strong & modern architectural vocabulary back in the ‘60s.
Later the group visited the much awaited Moinamoti Buddhist Monastery and Museum. The scale and organization of this ancient structure was noticeable to the students. Elaborate documentation was done and students were assigned with designated projects concerning the site. They spent hours in the site and finally managed to gather the required information.
The trip was not “all work and no play” …the students and teachers engaged themselves in sessions of interactive “talent programs” and “game shows” accompanied by group performances. There were awards too for the winners selected by jurors. The venue for these refreshing activities was the Moinamoti Cantonment Golf Club which was an amazing spot on top of a highland with spectacular views of the greenery all around. The study trip had a very tight schedule and all of them were completed on time because of the dedicated management skill and responsibility of the organizers (faculties, administrative people and volunteers) and the enthusiastic cooperation of students above all. The Department would like to express its most sincere gratitude to the university administration for the support extended to make this event a success.