Architecture Study Trip to ‘Bhawal National Park, Gazipur’

The 27th of July 2010 arrived as a wonderful Tuesday and the class of Landscape Design Studio of Architecture Department made an outing to Bhawal National Park, Gajipur . Bhawal National Park was established in 1982 and is located in Gazipur, about 45 km away from Dhaka city. Its purpose is to protect important habitats as well as to provide opportunities for recreation. It covers 5,022 ha of land. The most common flora is the unique coppice Sal forest.  The trip was guided by Ashik Ikbal and Dilruba Ferdous Shuvra. The trip intended to develop a empathetic voice to protect and understand ‘green’ as an important ingredient of ecology and biodiversity. Students along with faculties explored the greenery by walking through the Sal forest. Open air lectures about environmental art under the foliages fed with gentle breeze from lake, in the middle of the forest offered a breathtaking experience. The term Environmental Art is used in two different senses. The term can be used generally to refer to art dealing with ecological issues of nature or the natural, such as the formal, the political, the historical, or the social contextpractically exercised environmental installations on site. The students explored their ideas about environmental art through different installation projects.   In summary, the trip was a new experience for the students to enjoy the Sal forest through environmental art that raised voice to conserve our natural environment.