The Architecture Discipline of Khulna University (KUAD) in September 2012 organized National Student Design Competition 2012, with the topic “UNSTOPPABLE SCHOOLING, continuing education with disaster”. Architecture students around the country were invited to design innovative school form/facilities which could be portable in nature. The use of reusable, readily available materials was key. The competition asked for designs that facilitate school children, secure necessary school books, a solution that might be helpful to resume schooling if an adequate sized dry piece of land is found or not. Jamil Abdul Rahman, Farhin Nushba and Tahsin Ahmed from AIUB in a group participated in the competition with other students from around the country. Their Design Proposal won the Third Prize and the Award giving ceremony was held in Friday, May 24, 2013. AIUB happens to be the only private university to be placed among the top three positions. The jury panel consisted of renowned Architects and expert academics of relevant field from architecture schools. As part of the competition entrants were to propose design scenario and strategies for building a flexible facility that will help shorten the time to restart schooling after disaster on a temporary basis. Their idea focused majorly on the use of local material Bamboo and Shelter box from aid agencies, a collaboration of plastic Shelter box & Bamboo Raft, the built school can achieve the property of floating on water following necessary instructions during construction.  The Use of bamboo as major building material, the local expertise and availability can be used to construct the design elements in the fastest pace for uninterrupted education. The Jury panel acknowledged: Sensitivity to real-life pre and post-disaster situations with necessary technical solutions and quick repairable features attributed to the uniqueness of the design. Quality to use the space all year round, easy and quick buildabilty, use of locally available materials, and environmental responsiveness are important issues handled with much care that reflects the designer’s passion and involvement to the design problem.” Competition Result Page Link: