COVID-19 is a noxious virus which has incarcerated our world. Because of this deadly virus mankind is going through one of the most challenging time in recent years. People are dying all over the world because of lack of preparedness and of limited resources. In such a crisis, two alumni of Department of Architecture, AIUB Md. Tauhidul Islam Rifat and Rahma Hassan (who graduated in 2015) using their professional knowledge and available resources came up with the idea of making a disinfectant chamber locally to help our country.. Currently Bangladesh has a shortage of Personal Protective Equipment (PPE) and medical chattels. The concept is to disinfect people 360 degrees in this chamber. Doctors and medical front liners can also easily disinfect their PPE inside this chamber and can carry on with their duty. A team of nine individuals with their expertise and professional knowledge worked together and came up with this project, named “MUKTI-20”. The team led by Ar. Md. Tauhidul Islam Rifat and Ar. Rahma Hassan also consists of  engineer Ahnaf Kafi (09 Batch, EEE Department, AIUB), pharmacist Jannat Tarin (current MPH Student, AIUB) ,Shihab-Uddin Sunny, Mithu Mohammad, Farhan Habib, engineer K M Khursheduzzaman Khan Levin and chemist Shonjoy. .

They have already consulted with DGHS for approval to install for a trial. After getting endorsement from all the authorities, they will go for the main production and installation. The targets are the hospitals dealing with Covid-19 patients, other general hospitals and in different public places such as bus terminal, rail station, police station, shopping malls, religious institutions along with other densely crowded places. They are currently working hard to raise funds to make it more efficient, portable and easy to install anywhere. They used local materials to make it more cost effective and easily available. Wastage can be minimized by using sensors thus making the whole process more efficient.

AIUB is proud that our students have taken such a great initiative to serve the country in her time of plight.

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