American undergrad students spend a vibrant day in English Department

A nine-member group of American students—Louie, Caleb, Paul, Mia, Krista, Bethany, Erin, Kaylynne and Cumeron—from University of Colorado and Colorado State University paid a lively visit to English Department on 3 June 2012. These students, studying in different disciplines like Sociology, Communication, Education, Biology, Business, Chemistry etc., have come to Bangladesh on their summer holiday tour in order to learn about local culture, language and society. They were greeted by the Department Head Dr. Faheem Hasan Shahed along with faculty members Ms. Shaila Ahmed, M. Hamidul Haque and Ms. Sabrina Rahman. Professor Dr. Tazul Islam, Dean of FASS and Dr. A B M Rahmantuallah, Head of Economics, also extended their cordial welcome toward the visitors. Later, they participated in the class proceedings of English Reading Skills & Public Speaking (E2) and English Writing Skills (P)—both taken by Dr. Faheem—and got themselves engaged in lively group work with the AIUBians. The English Reading section, which comprises freshmen students of BSS in Economics, BA in MMC and BA in English, witnessed a massive enthusiastic interaction between both parties where the AIUBians learned the American techniques of public speaking while the Americans learned about Tagore, Nazrul and Lalon Shah. The English Writing section, consisting students from EEE and CSE departments, witnessed a more writing-oriented discussion between both sides and eventually turned out interesting with the discussion of Bangladeshi delicious summer fruits like mangoes, jackfruits and black berries. The visitors finally sang some beautiful American love and spiritual songs with guitar and percussions which in turn was reciprocated by the local students’ rendering of Lalongeetis.