The Philippine Accrediting Association of Schools, Colleges and Universities (PAASCU) Team is composed of 8 professional evaluators who  formally evaluated the MBA/EMBA Program  that will lead to the granting of Level 1 accreditation while the BBA  Program underwent a preliminary visit.  They  are as follows: Dr. Herminia Torres, Chairperson; while the members are Dr. Linda Flor Gil, Dr. Cecile Gutierrez, Dr. Felina Co Uy, Dr. Marissa Quezon, Mrs. Nancy Balatay, Mr. Md Khaled (UGC Secretary), and Mrs. Concepcion V. Pijano, Executive Director, PAASCU. Being an international accrediting agency or body and an active member of the Asia Pacific Quality Network (APQN), PAASCU has proven its acceptability, reliability and prestige in the field of accreditation. The coming of the PAASCU Evaluation Team  to AIUB manifests the readiness and availability of documents and exhibits that can attest to the quality of the business administration program. After almost two years of preparation, the Faculty of Business Administration is evaluated based on the following areas: Vision and Mission, Faculty, Curriculum and Instruction, Students, Library, Research, Laboratories, Administration, Community Service/Outreach, and other resources. The formal evaluation  took place on 1-2 August 2011 in the university . Aside from classroom observations and physical infrastructure (campus) visits, it has  also undertaken interview with the students, faculty, management, chairmen of the different sub-areas and members of the AQAC to further validate and establish consistency on the self-survey report. The interview to key officials and ocular visits to the different campuses and facilities  of the university  also validated the data and information provided earlier to PAASCU. It has substantiated the written report with new developments and information that would vouch for the quality and excellence of the business program in particular and  the university as a whole.  Preparatory to the visit of the PAASCU Team, series of follow-up meetings and orientations were conducted by the AQAC with the faculty, students and nonacademic staff to ensure that the accreditation process is well understood and appreciated particularly the impact and benefits derived from this exercise. The whole university is looking forward to the success of this endeavor with the able support and participation of all those involved in the process. AIUB is leading the way in this important undertaking which the government has planned to implement the creation and operationalization of an Accreditation Council that would oversee and regulate quality higher education in this country.  Accreditation is a continuing process of discovering, evaluating the degree of quality and excellence based on accepted standard measures.  Programs or institution accreditation needs to characterize   and authenticate quality in all pre-determined aspects. The process continuously identifies areas for improvement to meet new demands and challenges brought about by the emerging changes taking place in all spheres of development. The American International University-Bangladesh has committed to continuously pursue the essentials of accreditation so that it can attain a higher level of accreditation and to be internationally recognized as an institution of higher learning. The university has already invested substantial amount of resources in this pursuit because of its adherence to its mission and vision.  The university headed by the Vice Chancellor, Dr. Carmen Z. Lamagna, the Board of Trustees, the Dean of the Faculty of Business Administration, Prof. Dr. Charles c. Villanueva, the entire Business Faculty, Students, Directors, Department Heads and Asso. Dean, the AQAC Members and the entire AIUB community who closely joined hands together are optimistic that the results of the evaluation will be favorable and inspiring to let the process works effectively  and at the same time, look forward to  expand the  coverage of accreditation  to other  Faculties of the university.