AIUB Student Clubs at the Shaheed Minar

Yesterday, the 21st of February was a very special day – it commemorated our Shaheed Day or more popularly known as the Amor Ekushey. I think it is only us the Bangladeshis who can be proud of the fact that we have sacrificed many lives to establish Bengali/Bangla as our Mother Tongue. No other nation in the history of the world can claim such a feat! Each year 21st February is observed as our national Shaheed Day. In 1999, UNESCO declared this day as the World’s International Mother Language Day and the whole world, including Bangladesh, observes this day with great honor and respect. Every Bangladeshi irrespective of cast, creed and religion visits the Central Shaheed Mi¬nar in bare feet and pays homage to the Shaheeds with flowers. Starting from 12:00 midnight they sing in groups, “Amar bhai er rokte ranggano ekushe February…” and by midday the Shaheed Minar turns into a carpet of flowers. This year AIUB under the banner of all the Student Clubs participated with the rest of the country to pay homage to these brave souls of our Language Movement. The procession reached the Central Shaheed Minar at dawn and paid their respect with flowers and by observing a minute of silence. Director, Office of Student Affairs Mr. Manzur H. Khan accompanied the students. It was definitely a procession with a difference where students not only carried a banner like everyone else but what made them stand out in the crowd was the different alphabets they carried of our beloved Mother Tongue – BANGLA.