When our loved ones are in critical condition and in need of blood, we’ve all seen, heard, or even felt the fear that takes over once we try and move mountains to find it. It’s never easy. Calling numerous people, various blood banks, and anyone else we can think of, just for a pint of blood. People go through hell and back, just to see their loved ones come alive again. If only more people cared enough to donate, maybe things could’ve been a little less painful for those in need. Feeling for that very cause, every year, the AIUB Social Welfare Club, ‘Shomoy’, puts together their own blood donation campaigns, where students, administration, as well as faculties alike, join in to contribute and do their part.

In association with the Bangladesh Red Crescent Society [BRCS] and the Department of Mathematics in the Faculty of Science and Technology [FSIT] of AIUB, Shomoy Club organized their Blood Donation Campaign 2015. Inaugurated by the honorable Vice Chancellor, Dr. Carmen Z. Lamagna, on the 2nd of December 2015, the program was to open to everyone who wished to help the cause. Club members did class campaigns, inviting students to participate, while many faculty members encouraged their classes to do the same. Donors were provided refreshments, along with a T-shirt and mug, to commemorate their contribution to the initiative. BRCS even issued lifetime membership cards to many interested donors, to continue on their path to fulfilling their social responsibilities.

AIUB is always proud to see its students strive for the greater good, and Shomoy Club persistently persevering to accomplish that even today has been one of its many achievement in its journey to the future.

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