AIUB signs Security Cooperation Program Agreement with Microsoft

Microsoft today announced that the American International University-Bangladesh (AIUB) has joined the Security Cooperation Program (SCP) for Educational Institutions. Through the SCP, Microsoft provides a structured way for governments and Microsoft to engage in cooperative security activities in the areas of computer incident response, attack mitigation, and citizen outreach. The goal of the SCP is to help governments address threats to national security, economic strength, and public safety more efficiently and effectively through cooperative projects and information sharing. This program was launched in February 2005 with global participation; and a government entity from Bangladesh signed an agreement with Microsoft in May 2007. The Security Cooperation Program for Educational Institutions is a specific program under the umbrella of the broader SCP; and AIUB became the first University, outside USA, to sign up for this prestigious program.


The Agreement was signed in a function held at a local hotel. The event also marked the certificate distribution ceremony for the government officials who have participated in the First Security Cooperation Program Workshop organized by the Public Sector team of Microsoft Bangladesh recently.
As a participant, AIUB and Microsoft will work cooperatively, exchanging information that can be used to better anticipate, help prevent, and respond to and mitigate the effects of information technology (IT) security attacks. The types of data to be exchanged include:

  • Information about publicly known and reported vulnerabilities that Microsoft is investigating.
  • Information about upcoming and released security updates to facilitate resource planning and deployment.
  • Security incident metrics.
  • Incident information in the event of a critical incident or emergency.
  • Information on Microsoft product security, the Microsoft approach to security, and its incident response process.

In addition to information exchange, the SCP provides opportunities for cooperation with Microsoft on security-related projects, including:

  • Cooperative outreach and education activities, including development and distribution of materials and special events.
  • Collaboration in computer incident response processes, including joint response in the event of an emergency.
The Security Cooperation Program is a no-fee program that helps further strengthen the comprehensive Microsoft approach to providing the technology and services that help enable secure government computing environments.
This initiative also builds on the security mobilization effort as part of the Microsoft Trustworthy Computing Initiative.