Music has always been a predominant part of the Bangladeshi culture. From the traditional expressions of folk songs to the varying trends of modern mainstream and underground bands, music is an ever-evolving part of our lives. It is no wonder that year-round, numerous events, cultural programs, competitions, and music festivals are held in schools, colleges, universities, privately, and publicly, throughout the country. One such highlight was the MUSICON. AN inter-university cultural competition of musical performances, organized by 7teen Events, the MUSICON featured popular icons of the music industry like Shunno and Nemesis, encouraging the young talents of Bangladesh to show the world what they’ve got. Held on the 4th of October 2013, the first round played host to teams from 6 participating universities. With BRAC, IBA [DU & JU], EWU, and SEU, AIUB was up for a tough challenge. For the 25 minutes allotted to each team, everyone came up with outstanding performances showcasing different genres of music and dance techniques. APAC stood out from their very first attempt, by putting up an awe-inspiring performance that commemorated multiple styles into a single performance that was acknowledged by all the judges as the most versatile performance to make it through to the next level. The final showdown was now between AIUB, BRAC, EWU, and SEU. The grand challenge came down to 3 elements of the competition, based on which each team would be evaluated. Each team had to come up with their own theme for making a music video, with the idea of promoting MUSICON, which included a full 30 minute performance. On the 7th of February 2014, each team took the stage with unparallel determination and dedication to their true passion for music. APAC went in with full force, starting off their music video with the classic hit of Michael Jackson’s ‘Beat it’, mashed up with a fusion cover of Nemesis’s ‘Joyoddhoni’ along with 5 other medley numbers representing the core cultures of Bangladesh. With their very own in-house rapper, APAC even put up a thundering rendition of Linkin Park’s ‘Lost in the Echo’ that simply fired up the show. The standing ovation from the crowd and the judges said it all. APAC had made their mark. The benchmark was set. Up next was the team from EWU, who stunned the crowd with their spectacular LED and shadow dance performance, followed by BRAC’s incredible ‘faceless’ robotics performance, bringing the competition to an end, leaving the judges with the daunting task of selecting the winner. Although it would come down to the video with the highest votes, the competition was neck and neck. After hours of deliberation, the votes were in. It was time for the announcement. APAC had won the MUSICON. It was a moment of profound celebration for the members and all its supporters. APAC proved to live by their rules, believing in what they stand for. They had indeed ‘let their souls play’ and done AIUB proud of all they had achieved in their journey.

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