An AIUB teacher student delegate team led by Dr. Md. Taufiqul Islam Mithil, the Head and Associate Professor of Social Science Department returned Bangladesh on 18th September after successful completion of Yoshy Cultural Exchange Program at Japan. 

During their stay, the students participated in several programs that include visit to Ohmi Environment Conservation Foundation, Konan-Chubu Water Purification System, Minori Nursery School, Shiga Prefectural Hospital, Yoshikawa Purification Plant, Lake Biwa Museum, Hiroshima Peace Memorial Museum, Miyajima Island, Matsue Castle, Shimane University, Kyoto University, Kinkaku-ji (the golden temple) and The Kyoto Railway Museum.

Otsu Rotary Club of Shiga Prefecture arranged a seminar in The Royal Oak Hotel where Dr.  Md Taufiqul Islam gave a presentation on pure drinking water crisis in Bangladesh. Later, the AIUB delegates attended a dinner wearing traditional Bangladeshi dress hosted by the club. 

The AIUB team visited Sekisui Housing R&D Institute and experienced the unorthodox Japanese housing technology. They experienced Japanese integrated automation technology, earthquake resistance technique, and equipment organizing facility. 
The AIUB delegates visited the Kyoto University, where Dr. Taufiq has been a JSPS fellow. The team met Professor Dr. Fujita and his assistant, and learned about higher educational opportunities while roaming the university museum, editorial office, clock tower, library and the campus.
The students attended a refreshment trip at the famous Universal Studios Japan (USJ). They experienced the traditional Japanese tea ceremony, local music with Koto and Sakohachi, Japanese traditional dance. They received Kimono and Yukata, Japanese traditional dresses, at the house of Mr. Yoshy Iwaki. In addition, the delegate team experienced a rich variety of Japanese cuisine and learned Japanese house norms.

The participants of the program are now confident to apply their earned Japanese knowledge, insights, punctuality and the generosity in their own lives for a better personal and social life for Bangladesh. 

All participants are grateful to the AIUB management for their kind cooperation. 

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