The world is converging. And as the world grows smaller and smaller, diversity has grown to become the new learning curve of the global landscape. Following the mass revolution of technological advancement, internationalization and collaboration are now the most catalyzing change agents of the 21st Century, paving the way towards a new era of global evolution. And whenever one needs to innovate, one needs to collaborate.

And it is in on that belief and notion that the American International University - Bangladesh has continuously made the efforts to take up initiatives to further the development of the institution, its student, and staff. Under the endorsed Memorandum of Understanding [MoU] with the Panyapiwat Institute of Management [PIM], the first corporate private university of Thailand established by CP All PLC., one of the largest group of companies in Thailand, a selected group of students, faculty members, and administrative officers were sent on a 10-day International Exchange Program, from the 18th – 28th of September 2017. The program included classroom observations, curriculum development workshops, corporate tours, industrial visits, and cultural excursions. Both academic and administrative personnel shadowed business, engineering, and IT lecture sessions, along with the International Office and Student Affairs Departments, exchanging information and ideas on their own practical experience from their individual fields. Students worked on a combined research, under the supervision of Dr. Pithoon Thanabordeekij, a respected lecturer of PIM’s School of Business. The students were required to submit and present the report based on their conducted surveys and analysis.

The delegation visited several corporate offices and industrial factories, including the CPALL Tea & Beverage Plant and the Ichitan Makro Super Shop, studying their trade policies, management practices, production operations, and retail sales processes. The group also got the opportunity to attend the Digital Thailand Big Bang 2017 Exhibition, highlighting the journey of Thailand’s digital transformation, playing host to several noteworthy participations and activities like robotics, innovation, coding, animation, and even virtual reality. The focus of the immersion was to collaborate and develop international business networking management and relations between Bangladesh and Thailand. The program even included cultural exposure to local sites like the Chatuchak Market and the Asiatique Riverfront, where they were taken on a river cruise through the scenic Chao Phraya River, with views of several architectural landmarks and heritage sites like the Holy Rosary Church, Wat Kanlayanamit, Wat Arun ‘Temple of Down’, Bang Khunprom Palace, Royal Grand Palace, and the Rama VIII Bridge.

At the end of the entire exchange program, the delegation was awarded with Certificates of Participation by Mr. Siam Choksawangwong, the Vice President of PIM, along with the Ms. Tipwan Apiwanworarat, the Dean of the Faculty of Liberal Arts, Dr. Usanee Kulintornprasert, the Director of the Office of International Relations, and Ms. Tanarat Teeratanakiat, the Associate Direction of International Marketing & Recruitment at PIM. Each participant shared their valuable experiences with the honorable Vice Chancellor of AIUB, Dr. Carmen Z. Lamagna, upon their return. Such initiatives further strengthen and nurture a constructive culture, aligning both institutions in developing in the long run. Their learning from this exchange program will undoubtedly help them grow and shape their successes in the future, and the university is proud to bear witness to their achievements as a part of the AIUB family, today and in the years to come.

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