The three-day workshop on teaching learning organized by the British Council preparatory to the establishment of the 2nd batch of Center of Excellence in Teaching and Learning(CeTL) was held at Ascot Residence in Baridhara Diplomatic Zone on 21-23 October 2018. AIUB was among the few selected participants to the event with Prof. Dr. Charles C. Villanueva, Vice President, Academics and Dean, Faculty Business Administration and Ms. Farheen Hassan, Director, BBA Program representing AIUB. The facilitators of the said workshop were Dr. Sam Smidt of University College London, UK and Prof. Simon Walker, University of Greenwich, London, UK. True to the objectives of the workshop which are as follows: share and explore current provision of CeTL in Bangladesh; raise awareness of professional development standards globally; share strategies and provision of development practices in  UK universities; explore and develop content for future CeTL in Bangladesh; increase understanding and application of effective methodologies for the delivery of workshops; and develop processes for the effective evaluation of the impact of the work of the CeTLs. Through this workshop, the facilitators were able to bring the teaching learning into a new height and horizon with the use of technology in order to make teaching more interesting to the students and teachers. Some reservations were echoed by the participants from the public university in view of the limitation of internet facilities and availability of mobile phone by the students. However, students in the Dhaka area may not find this a problem as most students have mobile phones and   internet is accessible. An echo seminar will be arranged by AIUB to the faculty for them to know the new strategies of teaching and learning.
As part of the process of sharing the new concepts of teaching Learning and exploring the possibility of establishing additional CeTL, a follow-up seminar was held in the Multi Purpose Hall of the university. Prof. Simon, Dr. Sam, Mr. Towhidur, Head of Higher Education and Regional Manager of CSFP and Mr. Naveed all of the British Council Bangladesh came to the university to conduct the brief seminar and at the same time view the whole AIUB’s environmental friendly learning environment.  Before conducting the seminar, the British Council consultants were briefed by Mr. Danny Morgia on the VUES through actual demonstration of its operation also they were shown the video which highlights the journey of AIUB on QA through the establishments of AQAC and IQAC which led to the accreditation of the Business, Computer Science and EEE academic programs. They were impressed of AIUB’s efforts and technology- based activities and facilities. The seminar was short, for one hour only, but it has arouse the interest of the faculty in making the teaching learning process more interactive and technology based which the students will find it interesting considering that the main tool would be their mobile phone. 


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