This meeting is a follow-up meeting of Asia Academic Collaboration with participants from 10 Member States and 14 universities including the American International University-Bangladesh with the Honorable Vice Chancellor, Dr. Carmen Z, Lamagna as one of the founding members. Last July 20th-22th July 2018 a meeting was held in Siam University with Dr. Pornchai Mongkhonvanit,President of Siam University as host. This time the Vice Chancellor is not available instead the Vice President for Academics, Prof. Dr. Charles C. Villanueva participated along with 24 participants from countries in Asia. The meeting was short considering the important agenda on the table but very substantive and valuable considering the meeting seeks to find a consensus on the establishment of the Center of ACD-University Network as a venue for closer academic collaboration between universities in Asia. The output of the meeting will be reported  for Leaders’ consideration during the 3rd ACD Summit to be held on the 1st-2nd of February 2019  in Tokai University,  Japan. During this meeting, Dr. Villanueva was able to get approval from the Secretary-General of AUAP (Association of University in Asia and Pacific) for the use of the AUAP’s logo for promoting the forthcoming International Conference being organized by the Faculty of Business. Further, the Secretary-General of ACD has expressed support to any activity to be undertaken by the universities by just informing the ACD so that the other members can be invited. The meeting primarily discussed the progress of 5 areas of cooperation as follows:
-Exchange of students including Credit Transfer System under the ACTS (Asian Credit Transfer System)
-Exchange of Academic Staffs including Lecturers and Researchers
-ACD MBA Program which will commence in September 2018
-ACD Fund for Joint Research Program
-ACD Student Leadership Institute (ACD-SLI)

Other Outcomes of the Meeting:
The meeting agreed and endorsed the establishment of the Coordinating Center of ACD-UN, with Siam University, Bangkok, Thailand as venue. The center will cooperate, facilitate and serve to foster research and innovation in interconnected academic collaboration between ACD Universities.
To ensure the continuity of the cooperation, Tokai University of japan has offered to host the next meeting of the ACD High-Level Round Table in Japan.
In conclusion, the meeting’s discussion will be reported to ACD Leaders at the 3rd ACD Summit in October. The establishment of the Center of ACD-UN will be reflected as a paragraph in the Tehran Declaration which will bind the cooperation among ACD universities.

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