Bangladesh is a Muslim country which is predominantly practicing Islam. The American International University-Bangladesh (AIUB) is likewise predominantly populated with Muslim students. Consistent with the policy of the government as a sectoral society and adhering to the universal thrust of education for all, the university is a multi-sectoral university catering to all religious beliefs. In other words, the university is open to all types of students who are seeking quality higher education and committed to enhance the spiritual upbringing of the academic and nonacademic community. Under a new learning environment, the university has built a structure where students can pray and practice their respective religious activity. A couple of months ago these structures, the Buddhist mini temple, the Hindu Mandip were inaugurated as houses of worship.  Separated Muslim prayer rooms for male and female are spacious and well set up to provide a conducive environment for meditation and prayer.  Lately, the Christian community, particularly the Catholics inaugurated the place of worship named Holy Spirit Chapel.

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