We are pleased to inform you that AIUB Software Development Department (SDD) has developed a Mobile Application to make it easy access to AIUB Portal.
This time, AIUB Software Development Department (SDD) has extended its previous version with Student Version where a student can check out his/her
1. Class Schedule,
2. Registered Courses,
3. Note,
4. Notice,
5. Results,
6. Profile,
7. Notifications
More features are coming soon. Currently, Android Version is available in Google Play Store as a beta version.
You can find this app in Google Play Store, named AIUB Portal (Beta). IOS version is coming soon.
Or, you can find the app by clicking the link: http://bit.ly/aiubapp
After downloading the app, please make sure, students have to use their own 'User Name' and 'Password' as like as AIUB portal for login.
Please, give us your valuable feedback.