Both sides of the parties represented by their respective key officials discussed the intent and content of the MOU which would mutually benefit both institutions. The American International University –Bangladesh was represented by the Pro Vice Chancellor, Prof. Dr. Charles C. Villanueva, Prof. Dr. Siddique Hossain, Dean, Faculty of Engineering, Prof. Dr. Tazul Islam, Dean, Faculty of Arts and Social Sciences, Dr. Ehsan Uddin Ahmed, Asso. Dean, Faculty of Business Administration, Mr. Mashiour Rahman, Director of the Faculty of Science and Information Technology and Dr. MD. Abdul Mannan , Head, Undergraduate Program, Faculty of Engineering and Mr. Hamidul Islam, Head Department of English. While the Kasem Bundit University, Bangkok was headed by Mr. Suwat Suwandee, Ph.D., Vice President for Academic Affairs, Mr. Chaisak Chitchroen, Director of the BBA, Ms. Linda Suwandee, Foreign Student Adviser and Mr. Mohammad Ariful Islam, Faculty Member. A video presentation on the programs, physical infrastructures and facilities  was shown by the Kasem Bundit Team. The presentation was impressive. The contents of the  MOU were described in broad terms and operational actions will be carried out in a more detailed terms  with both parties agreeing to the conditions. Three major activities have been highlighted in the MOU: participation of students in courses both common to the institutions in a 2+2 scheme; student and faculty exchange; and collaborative research and curriculum enrichment. The Kasem Bundit Team was ushered to the different campuses of the university to have an ocular visit of the facilities and laboratories in the Faculty of Engineering, the Faculty of Science and Information Technology, the Faculty of Arts and Social Sciences and the Faculty of Business Administration. The last stop was in the AQAC where the actual signing of the MOU took place and exchange of souvenir items. The signing was witnessed by both representatives of the two universities. Considering the  cost and accessibility of Bangkok to Dhaka, both sides are optimistic that the a mutual partnership can be worked out with success and mutual benefits.   MOU with Kasem Bundit1 MOU with Kasem Bundit14 MOU with Kasem Bundit2 MOU with Kasem Bundit3 MOU with Kasem Bundit4 MOU with Kasem Bundit5 MOU with Kasem Bundit6 MOU with Kasem Bundit7 MOU with Kasem Bundit8 MOU with Kasem Bundit9 MOU with Kasem Bundit10 MOU with Kasem Bundit11 MOU with Kasem Bundit12 MOU with Kasem Bundit13